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Company Profile

Business launched July 1,2006
Head Office Osaki Center Building, 1-5-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8604 Japan
RepresentativeDirector and President Makoto Takahashi
Capital Stock 15 billion yen  (As of Mar. 31, 2014)
Number of Employees Non-consolidated:1222  Consolidated:4106  (As of Mar. 31, 2014)
Business Lines and
Products / Services
[Plants and Machinery]
・Steel Plants
Ironmaking and steelmaking plants (blast furnaces, basic-oxygen furnaces, etc.), processing & treatment lines (C.A.P.L., CGL, ETL, etc.), environmental & energy saving system (rotary hearth furnace [RHF], coke dry quenching [CDQ],coal moisture control[CMC] ), electric arc furnaces, continuous casters, reheating furnaces, rolling mills, pipe-making mills and auxiliary facilities, nonferrous metal processing line, industrial gas equipments(PSA, flue-gas desulfurizing equipments, etc.)
[Environmental Solution]
・Environmental Plants, Resources Recycling, Environment restoration
Waste direct melting/recycling systems, recycling plazas, marine sediment and sludge incineration facilities, PCB waste treatment facilities, waste plastic treatment facilities, waste tyre pyrolysis plant, Bioethanol production plant, freon decomposers, soil/ground water sedimentation, supply of operation & maintenance services, System for Converting Biosolid into Solid Fuel "J-Combi"
[Energy Facilities]
・Energy Solutions
Electricity retail supply, on-site energy supply, power generation engineering, wind power generation, geothermal steam production equipments
[Marine Engineering and Construction]
・Oil and Gas Development projects, Offshore Civil Engineering
Oil/natural gas offshore pipelines, offshore platforms(modules and jackets), breakwaters, wave dissipation banks, bulkheads, sunken tubes, steel shell composite caissons, large-scale floating structures, steel/reinforced concrete structures, steel reefs, piling work, construction of offshore wind power
[Building Construction and Steel Structures]
・Comprehensive Building Construction and Engineering
Construction of industrial, office buildings, condominiums and plant buildings, construction of public facilities by PFI
・Steel Structures Engineering
High-technology steel structures(NS Truss, W-Truss, NS Tension System), high-rise building steel structures, and space steel frames, NS Stud connection for pile cap and steel pipe sheet pile
・Pre Engineered Products
Base-isolation and vibration-control devices, Standardized Buildings(STAN-Package), Pipe Piling Work(NS ECO-PILE®), Bridge Products (Grating, KAKUTABASHI®, H-Beam Bridge, Panel-Bridge, NS-cover Plate, etc)
[NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN Pipeline & Engineering Co., Ltd.]
・Energy Pipelines
On-land pipelines (natural gas, oil, etc.), city gas piping, decompress systems of high-pressure gas, simplified circular pipeline propulsive methods, fully automated welding machine methods of on-land pipeline-construction, "ANHT" type Hot Tapping method, buried pipe coating flaw inspection
Water pipelines, water tank for urgent use, renewal and reuse methods for superannuated conduits (steel tunneling, pipe-in-pipe and Insituform® methods), submarine water pipelines, thermal and nuclear power plant circulation water piping, improvement methods for existing distribution reservoirs
・Energy Facilities
Natural gas liquefaction systems, LNG/LPG/oil receiving and delivery systems (LNG/LPG recieving terminals, LNG satellite stations, LNG lorry shipment equipments etc.) storage equipment (low-temperature liquefled gas tanks, city gas holders, etc.) piping & facilities of iron works
Net sales Sales (consolidated): 314.1 billion yen (1 April 2013 - 31 March 2014)


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